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Current projects

These are schools/colleges who have received our 'hard help' programme.

The Papillon Project is currently looking for secondary schools and colleges in Norfolk to work with over the next academic year (2020-21). If you are a school or college that is interested in working with The Papillon Project, please do contact us and we will be delighted to get in touch with you and to find out how we can work together.

With over five years of experience behind us with creating and developing school allotments. From our pilot project: ‘The Allotment Project’ (Project 1) to six additional school allotment projects (please see below) we absolutely know what needs to be done to make it work because we have done it!

Project 1: The Allotment Project at Reepham High School & College

Our pilot & 'flag ship' project

VIRTUAL TOUR: Please click here to get a guided tour of this project.

We would love to take the opportunity here to show the visual work of ‘The Allotment Project’ (Project 1) that was created at Reepham High School and College. The multi-awarding Allotment Project is the flagship project for The Papillon Project and is therefore the blueprint model for us to use in other schools and colleges that might be interested. Any aspect, idea and creation that you see from the examples below can certainly be replicated in other schools/colleges on the same or smaller scale.


Here is a link our award-winning short film that was made about ‘The Allotment Project’ described by the headteacher, Mr T Gibbs, as "one of the most educationally complete pieces of work I have ever seen in schools".

The Allotment Project: A Short Documentary by Louis Johnson

Timeline of development

image30 (Large)

May 2015

image31 (Large)

June 2015

image32 (Large)

July 2017

image33 (Large)

July 2017

image34 (Large)

July 2018

image35 (Large)

September 2018

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May 2019

Project 2: Litcham School (2019-20)

Project 3: Dereham Neatherd High School (2019-20)

Project 4: Sprowston Community Academy (2019-20)

Project 5: Thorpe St Andrew School (2019-20)

Project 6: City Academy Norwich (2019-20)

Project 7: Hethersett Academy (2019-20)

Project 8: Long Stratton High School (2020-21)

Project 9: Old Buckenham High School (2020-21)

Project 10: Diss High School (2020-21)

Project 11: Aylsham High School (coming January 2021)

Project 12: The Locksley School, Norwich (coming January 2021)

Project 13: Ormiston Victory Academy, Costessey (coming January 2021)