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Online resources

Our online resources


You are very welcome to download or view any of the following articles and resources. We hope you find them helpful and that they give you lots of inspiration! You can also view past copies of the charity's magazine The Kaleidoscope here too. Please see a list of downloadable PDFs below:


  • Engagement, communication, inspiration and ownership: Advice for working with young people at a school allotment (Matt Willer: 2021). Please click here to download.

  • Horticultural Basics (Sam Garland: 2021). Please click here to download.

  • Growing Upwards! How to get growing once you leave school: Post-16 options for young people (Emily Stewart-Rayner & George Bates: 2021). Please click here to download.

  • Top Tips for Photographing Your School Allotment (Emily Palmer: 2020). Please click here to download.

  • Film Making at a School Allotment (Louis Johnson: 2020). Please click here to download.

  • Grow Your Own Help (Permaculture Magazine, Matt Willer: 2018). Please click here to download.

  • The Edible Outdoor Classroom (Permaculture Magazine, Matt Willer: 2016). Please click here to download.

  • No Straight Lines (Permaculture Magazine, Matt Willer: 2021). Please click here to download.

  • The Kaleidoscope: Issue 1 (The Papillon Project: 2020). Please click here to view.

  • The Kaleidoscope: Issue 2 (The Papillon Project: 2021). Please click here to view.

We are always process of creating and developing more online resources so more will be added over time.