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What we offer as a charity

As an educational charity, our primary purpose and mission is to help secondary schools and colleges in Norfolk to ultimately create and develop sustainable school allotments. It is our chief objective that these allotments become a ‘permanent place of inspirational learning’ for children & young people at a school or a college.

Below is a brief overview of what we offer as a charity to school and colleges. If you want to know why we are incredibly passionate and positively bonkers about school/college allotments please click here to learn why. 

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We offer three programmes of charitable support to help:


Membership of our school allotment network 

At present, this is open to any secondary school or sixth-form college in Norfolk. The main aim of this network is to bring schools and colleges together to forge genuine cooperation. School gardening/ allotmenting brings with it many challenges. We believe that if teachers and students from other schools/colleges can work together this, just like in nature, creates, diviersity and resilience. Essentially, our network is about spreading inspiration to as many schools/colleges as possible.

Additionally, as part of your membership, our charity can support your school/college with our ‘soft help programme’. Please click here for more information about the benefits of joining our free school allotment network which we have coined ‘The Butterfly Effect'.


Our ‘hard help’ programme

This is when we work with a secondary school or a sixth-form college, free of charge, for a whole academic year to either help create an allotment from scratch or significantly develop a current school allotment. Due to very high and popular  demand, we now politely ask schools or colleges to apply for this level of support by completing and returning an application form and a questionnaire. Please click here for more information about how to apply.


Training courses

We are incredibly keen to share our experiences with teachers and school garden/allotment leaders across the county, and beyond! We will be running training courses, as part of our soft help programme, in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society’s Campaign for School Gardening every year. Please contact us to find out what courses are currently available to take bookings.