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The Pap Up Shop


Our ethical and alternative, often nomadic, charity shop

The vast majority of what the The Pap Up Shop (The Papillon Upcycling Shop) sells is made by our volunteers from upcycled, recycled or other sustainable materials. Our popular t-shirts, for example, are printed on second hand t-shirts with logos being printed on by hand using the screen printing technique.

We also collaborate with other UK based artists and crafts people, selling their items on our platform. We are always looking for more local artists, crafts people and designers to work with. Please contact us if you are interested in working with us at fundraising events throughout the year.

Our Pap Up Shop does also occasional sells second hand gardening tools at public events throughout the year to help raise funds. All our second hand tools are donated to us and the vast majority, once they are lovely repaired and restored by our volunteers, are donated directly to schools for free via our 'Tool Bank'. However, some tools that are donated to us are not suitable for young people and so we put these on sale via the Pap Up Shop.

Workshop collage

Above: Some of the many items that our 'Pap Up Shop' produces every year to help raise funds for The Papillon Project.

Why was 'The Pap Up Shop' created?

The Pap Up Shop was not only created to help raise funds to aid our charitable work, but to also serve, and perhaps more importantly, as an educational and inspirational example to young people about how purchasing ethical and locally produced crafts, often from upcycled materials, is much better for the environment. This is especially true of buying second hand clothing in a world where 'fast fashion' appears to be only too common in the modern world.

The Pap Up Shop frequently comes along to public events that the charity is involved with throughout the year and every year we always have difficult upcycle crafts to sell. All profits made go to help fund our charitable work. Below is a gallery of some of the items we sell. Please contact us if you are interested to learn more about The Pap Up Shop.