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Key People

Meet our team

We are all from different backgrounds and walks of life, but we all collectively, and positively, work together to enrich and develop The Papillon Project. We are all very friendly, approachable, incredibly dedicated and really value each other's areas of experience and expertise. We also enjoy laughing at each others jokes and funny stories from time to time!

The Papillon Project is made of three main groups that make our charitable work possible:

Board of Trustees:

They have ultimate responsibility for The Papillon Project as a charity and our accountable to The Charity Commission.

Leadership Group:

These people work together, as a team, to run The Papillon Project on a day-to-day basis. At present, all members of this group are unpaid volunteers.

Fundraising Committee:

This group of people form a vital focus group who, as willing unpaid volunteers, come together to help raise the crucial funds needed for The Papillon Project. Our 'Pap Up' Shop (or Papillon Upcycling Shop) forms part of this group and is another way that we ethically raise funds for our charity.


Matt Willer

Project Leader & Founder of The Papillon Project


Louis Johnson

Lead film biographer for The Papillon Project


Debbie Palmer

Chair of The Papillon Project (Trustee)


Chloe O’Flynn

Secretary of The Papillon Project (Trustee)


George Bates

Papillon Project Librarian & Researcher

David Luton-Brown

Treasurer of The Papillon Project (Trustee)

Sara Green (1)

Sara Green

Clerk of The Papillon Project

Fuchsia Wilkins

Fuchsia Wilkins

Communications Lead at The Papillon Project

Daniel Kennedy

Daniel Kennedy

Designated Safeguarding Lead at The Papillon Project

Mark Green

Upcycling Lead


Portia van de Braam

'Pap Up' Shop Lead (Papillon Upcycling Shop)