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Our Partners

We are proud to be supported by some incredible partners!

Find our about the BIG Buddies who work with us to inspire young people to live happier, more sustainable and ethical lives.


The RHS Campaign for School Gardening inspires and supports educators to provide children with gardening opportunities to enhance their skills and boost their development. Schools and educational groups can register free to receive a welcome pack, containing everything you need to get growing. Members can take part in growing campaigns and competitions throughout the year, plus receive great rewards, certificates, resources and ongoing support from the UK's largest gardening charity.

Edwards and Blake logo

Edwards & Blake is a leading contract caterer who provides high quality, fresh and nutritious food to the education, business and industry sectors. They only source produce from local suppliers, mostly from within a fifty-mile radius, so they know precisely where their meat, dairy and fresh fruit and vegetables are raised and grown.


The Duke of Edinburgh Award provides an opportunity for 14-24 year olds to discover new interests and talents and make new connections. The programme has been designed to develop essential skills for life and work and is a recognised and respected mark of achievement. The DofE offers progressive levels which, when successfully completed, lead to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award. Through the programme, young people are encouraged to help the community/environment, become fitter, develop new skills, plan, train for and complete an expedition. Any young person can do their DofE – regardless of ability, gender, background or location. Achieving an Award isn’t a competition or about being first. It’s all about setting personal challenges and pushing personal boundaries.

Triodos Bank logo

Triodos Bank is one of the most sustainable banks in the world. Since 1980, they have been working to help create a society that protects and promotes quality of life and human dignity for all. Their sustainable financial products have enabled individuals and organisations to use their money in ways that benefit people and the environment, from renewable energy, organic farming and social housing through to retail, charities and education. As an organisation, they only finance companies that focus on people, the environment or culture, and they are entirely transparent about how customers' money is used. 

First Polytunnels logo

First Polytunnels have been leading the way in the supply of both domestic and commercial polytunnels for over 20 years. They've helped extend the growing season for gardeners, growing fruit and vegetables for them and their family or commercial crops, plants and flowers. First Polytunnels work closely with schools, bringing the outdoor classroom to the next generation, and have even supplied some celebrity gardeners, such as Alan Titchmarsh, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Bob Flowerdew, to name but a few.


Children in Permaculture is a project of international cooperation bringing together educators (from different organisations, educational settings and countries) in order to cross-fertilise, share and synthesise ideas. CiP have developed, tested, adapted and implemented best practices in engaging children in permaculture through creating various resources which are available on their website. They are now delivering high-quality training and consultancy services across Europe.

Permaculture Association logo

The Permaculture Association supports its members and others to design thriving communities across Britain by applying permaculture ethics and principles, and contributing to permaculture worldwide. Whether you are involved in gardening, farming, planning, building homes, economic regeneration, or business, the Permaculture Association believes that using permaculture design empowers you to make the right choices for a sustainable future. By putting ethics first and using natural systems as a model, there are simple and innovative ways to live fairly and sustainably now and in the future. The Permaculture Association's vision is for a healthy and peaceful world, where we care for each other, the earth and future generations, share resources wisely and continue to heal and regenerate communities and ecosystems.

NN Hort Society logo 2

The Norwich & Norfolk Horticultural Society are a friendly horticultural society with around 300 members and many affiliated societies and groups from across the county of Norfolk & further afield. Their members range from farmers, professional horticulturists, allotment holders and flower arrangers to active gardeners and not-so-active gardeners who enjoy seeing colourful displays outside their windows and visiting other people’s gardens. They actively encourage children to participate in their work.

Norfolk Gardens Trust logo

The Norfolk Gardens Trust is concerned with the preservation and enhancement of outstanding gardens and landscapes within the county. Formed in 1988 and among the first of the County Gardens Trusts to have been set up in Britain, the Norfolk Gardens Trust aims to help promote an historical awareness of the gardens and designed landscapes in the county. It stands to protect gardens and landscapes threatened with destruction and to advise on their restoration and enhancement. It also aims to promote an interest in gardens and landscapes both large and small, ancient and contemporary throughout the county.


Portia Van de Braam is an artist who makes floral headdresses, ornaments and sculptures using dried foliage as her main medium. She makes these pieces on commission. She also works in the prop department in film and TV and finds time in between to perform, write and make her crafts.

Johnson Design

Johnson Design is a graphic design partnership based in Norfolk. Their clients range from food consultants to charities, through to arts and heritage organisations and beyond. They design magazines, books, brochures, visual identities, packaging, websites and more.


Eves Hill Veg Co is a Community Market Garden based just outside the village of Reepham, 10 miles north of Norwich. They hold weekly volunteer days and deliver training programmes for people wishing to learn about food growing. The Papillon Project is proudly working in partnership with Eves Hill Veg Co as their very successful community market garden is a natural continuation (stepping stone) from our introductory work in secondary schools/colleges onto more advanced food growing for young people.


The SAW Trust is a science education charity developed in 2005 by Professor Anne Osbourn. SAW takes a fresh approach to science education, using intriguing images to initiate exploration of scientific research through activities in practical science, creative writing and visual arts, aimed at as wide an audience as possible. The Papillon Project is proud to be working with The SAW Trust with delivering the 'Legume Project' in some of the secondary school we work with in Norfolk. For more information about The SAW Trust please visit their website:


LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) is the leading organisation delivering more sustainable food and farming. LEAF work with farmers, the food industry, scientists and consumers, to inspire and enable sustainable farming that is prosperous, enriches the environment and engages local communities. he Papillon Project is proud to be working with LEAF with delivering the 'Legume Project' in some of the secondary school we work with in Norfolk. For more information about LEAF please visit their website:


Norwich FarmShare is an eco-award winning not-for-profit cooperative, modelling sustainable urban food supply in Norwich. Their aim to reconnect people with nature, share good food, and learn together... whilst and having lots of fun. The Papillon Project proudly promotes the work of Norwich Farm Share in schools to highlight their awesome work as a potential work experience opportunity for young people who finish school at 16. For more information about Norwich Farm Share please visit their fantastic website:

Solis Luna Logo Etsy

Holly Chantrill-Cheyette is the creator behind Solis Luna Art, and is heavily inspired by weaving nature, folklore, connection and wellbeing into her creations. Holly enjoys working with many materials, often using detail, pattern-work and bright colours. She endeavours to use the most sustainable methods possible, often repurposing or reusing materials that would otherwise go to waste, reinforcing the sustainable and nature-based focus of her work. Most importantly, she enjoys sharing her passion for nature, wellbeing and connection with others, seeing art and nature connection as vessels for expression, care and awareness.

More can be found via the following links:,, or via Instagram @solis_luna_art. 


East of England Apples & Orchard Project is a charity that promotes the planting of local orchard fruit varieties and the preservation of orchards in the east of England. The Papillon Project is only too delighted to work with this fellow charity who help us to create educational opportunities for young people to learn about all things orchards! East of England Apples & Orchards very kindly donate heritage fruit trees to secondary schools that The Papillon Project helps.


The Papillon Project is working with many Rotary Clubs across Norfolk and we are incredibly grateful for their support with creating new school allotments and their continued help with maintaining and future proofing projects.