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Key People

Meet our charity's team...

We are all from different backgrounds and walks of life, but we all collectively, and positively, work together to enrich and develop The Papillon Project. We are all very friendly, approachable, incredibly dedicated and really value each other's areas of experience and expertise. We also enjoy laughing at each others jokes and funny stories from time to time!


The Papillon Project is made of four main groups that make our charitable work possible:

1) Board of Trustees:

They have ultimate responsibility for The Papillon Project as a charity and are accountable to The Charity Commission.

2) The Leadership Group:

These people work together, as a diverse and super positive team, to run The Papillon Project on a day-to-day basis. Other than the School Projects Lead, all members of this group are unpaid volunteers. This incredibly dedicated group of people conduct the charity's work or help to raise crucial funds so we can continue to make our charitable work possible.

3) Our volunteers:

We are incredibly lucky to have a great many wonderful volunteers who are extremely dedicated to supporting our charitable work. From our school volunteers to our events volunteers, The Papillon Project simply would not run without these extremely kind people. Our most experienced school volunteers are given the title 'Allotment Guru' and they continue to support a school allotment project that is local to them. Some of our volunteers are also 'Buddies' (supportive friends) of the charity.

4) Our advisors, ambassadors and liaisons:

The charity is incredibly fortunate to have some brilliant individuals to help us conduct and connect our charitable work with the wider Norfolk community.

    • Simon Waller: Water engineer and irrigation advisor

    • Jeremy Buxton & Tim More: Farming community liaisons

    • Emily Stewart-Rayner: Norwich allotments liaison (Allotments officer & parks assistant for Norwich City Council)

    • Sam Garland: Horticultural advisor (Head Gardener at the Bishop's Garden, Norwich)

    • Aranya: Permaculture advisor (author of Permaculture Design)

    • Dr Tom Fox: Woodwork and construction advisor

    • Prof Alan Davies: Master composter (professor emeritus of mathematics at University of Hertfordshire) 

    • The Revd. Keith Rengert: Diocese of Norwich (Church of England) liaison 

    Please see profiles of Papillon Project trustees & lead roles below:

    Peter W

    Peter Waldron

    Chairperson of The Papillon Project


    Dr Diane Davies MBE

    Trustee, Treasurer and Administrator of The Papillon Project


    Debbie Palmer

    Trustee of The Papillon Project

    Georgie photo

    Georgie Sheward

    Trustee of The Papillon Project


    Matt Willer (PGCE, QTS)

    Schools' Project Lead, Designated Safeguarding Lead & founder of The Papillon Project


    Harriet Watson

    Deputy Schools' Project Lead

    TPP Photo Holly B&W

    Holly Chantrill-Cheyette

    Noticing Nature Lead


    Louis Johnson

    Lead Film Biographer for The Papillon Project


    George Bates

    Papillon Project Research Lead & Librarian

    Fuchsia Wilkins

    Fuchsia Wilkins

    Communications Lead


    Eija Betts

    Editor of The Kaleidoscope


    Narelle Doe

    Editor of The Buddleia (the charity's newsletter)


    Portia van de Braam

    'Pap Up' Shop Lead (Papillon Upcycling Shop)

    A & R

    Alannah Young

    Papillon Project Upcycling Lead


    Libby Fox

    School Convergence Lead


    Graeme Tolley

    Papillon Project's International Exchange Lead


    Helen Fox

    Papillon Project Events Lead


    Joseph O'Shea

    Tool Bank and Workshop Lead

    PK (b&w)

    Poppy Kirby

    Project Assistant

    Liam Levy

    Liam Levy

    Project Assistant