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Safeguarding, Health & Safety & Policies

Safeguarding and child protection

Safeguarding collage

The majority of our charitable work takes place in schools which is why The Papillon Project takes safeguarding and child protection extremely seriously. The Papillon Project is a member of the Norfolk Safeguarding Children Partnership.

Although each school has their own safeguarding team along with their own policies and procedures, our charity equally has it's own safeguarding team, policies and procedures that all trustees, staff and volunteers must be have knowledge of and are trained/updated with on an annual basis.

  • Please click here to read our charity's 'Safeguarding and Child Protection quick guide

  • Please click here to read our charity's comprehensive safeguarding and child protection policy

If you have a safeguarding concern that is related to our charitable work, please email:

Your concern will be dealt with by The Papillon Project's Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).

An alternative to our Designated Safeguarding Lead is the Chair of Trustees:

If you think that a child is in immediate danger you must dial 999 and ask for the police.

Health and safety

The Papillon Project also takes health and safety extremely seriously. Keeping everyone safe is absolutely paramount and a key part of our charitable work.

  • Please click here to read our charity's 'Health and Safety quick guide

  • Please click here to read our charity's comprehensive health and safety policy

  • Please click here to read our charity's non-site specific risk assessment*

*Although we have our own non-site risk assessment, we ask schools to create their own site specific risk assessment for their own school allotment as outlined in our annual 'schools' agreement' with schools.

Reporting an accident or a near miss?

If you are a charity volunteer and need to report an accident or a near miss, please click here to do so. Charity staff will be notified.

All our policies

Below is a full list of our charity's policies which can be downloaded by simply clicking on each one.