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International Exchange Programme

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Above: Young people at Old Buckenham High School learning about their exchange school in Negombo, Sri Lanka.


Above: Young people at City Academy Norwich learning about their exchange school in Antigua and Barbuda

We are privileged, at present, to be in contact with a handful of schools from around the world in Uganda, Antigua & Barbuda, Serbia, Belgium, Spain, Sri Lanka and Cuba. Our International Exchange Programme, which is coordinated by The Papillon Project, is chiefly about broadening the horizons of young people from around the world. This is being achieved by linking up schools from around the world with secondary schools and colleges in the UK (currently for Norfolk schools only). A few times a year schools will exchange experiences via letters, photographs and films to share how food is grown in their native country.

For more information about this programme please contact the charity via email:

Examples of schools from around the world that our connected to and exchanging with Norfolk secondary schools:

Kudammana College, Negombo, Sri Lanka



Tabiro Primary School, Uganda

Tabiro (4)


Credit: Isaac Ssekajja, headteacher of Tabiro Primary School

The Seventh Day Adventist School, Antigua & Barbuda 


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Above: Harvesting water melons, eggs and sweet potatoes (Antigua & Barbuda Credit: Dr Evelyn Weeks)

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Above: Seaweed compost sifting for planting and mulching soil (Antigua & Barbuda Credit: Dr Evelyn Weeks)