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Why create and develop a school allotment? REASON 5

Because education has to be more than just about exams

The inspiration for ‘The Papillon Project’ really started with ‘The Allotment Project’ at Reepham High School by teacher Matt Willer. Matt has long held a deep belief that the modern world has become unsustainable and harmful towards the environment. Matt, who is qualified humanities teacher, wanted to bring something new to his school when he arrived to teach at Reepham High School & College in September 2013.

As a teacher, Matt grew increasingly dissatisfied and deflated that teaching seemed to be only about preparing children and young people for assessments and exams and simply did not accept that education was just about formal tests and refused to believe that he was just employed as ‘an exam instructor’. Teaching for Matt just meant so much more and, mixed in with his unwavering quest to inspire the next generation to lead more sustainable and environmentally friendly lives, he created ‘The Allotment Project’.

The Allotment Project saved Matt as a teacher and directly prevented him from giving up on teaching. Matt, with others, has now created ‘The Papillon Project’ in an attempt to help other schools/colleges to literally, ‘grow their own’ allotments just like The Allotment Project (Project 1) at Reepham High School & College.

Please click on theProject originspage to learn more about Matt and story of ‘The Allotment Project’ which he helped to create.

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Matt Willer (light blue shirt) working with students at ‘The Allotment Project’, Reepham High School & College

Why create and develop a school allotment? 


For the environment, for sustainability and for the future >>


For the mental health and well-being of children and young people >>


Forging and broadening friendships >>


Learning from experience for life >>


Because education has to be more than just about exams >>